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Success Stories

Our employees develop a bond with the candidates they work with, and never forget the successes that result. Here, we share some of those stories.

“Recently, I was working with a candidate who was a C # developer. He had a 45 minute commute, was not making the money he wanted and had absolutely no benefits. Also, it was contract work that he just hated. After I worked with him, he ended up with a $25,000 pay increase, full benefits for himself and his family, and only a 5 minute commute. Basically, I was able to help him get his dream job.”
-Sr. Technology Recruiter

“My very first deal is to this day, my most memorable. I was working with a candidate who actually went to school to be a .Net developer, but somehow he got stuck being a photographer and making less than 30K a year. He also had three kids, a wife, and no benefits. By the time we finished up his deal and got him a new position; he was making $43,000 and had full benefits for his family.”
-Sr. Business Development Manager

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