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Our Core Values


Other values we hold Important

  • Accountability – Be accountable to yourself, your company and your team.
  • Balance – Spend time with family and friends. Life without balance is no life at all. Your mind is sharper and your work product better when you have a strong support system. This may or may not include participating in late-night feedings for your newborn.
  • Consistency – A career is a marathon not a sprint. Being consistently on time, using solid time-management techniques and delivering work that meets the need is much more important than having a rockstar week on every once in a while.
  • Efficiency – Focus on what’s most important by getting right to the point each and every time. Eliminate unneeded meetings, fluffy candidate interviews and pointless, time-wasting activities.
  • Fun – Work hard, play hard. Celebrate small accomplishments and blow it out for major victories.
  • Innovation – Every person can contribute new ideas to the company’s operating model. Harnessing new ideas will ensure we maintain cutting edge business methodologies.
  • Passion – Do what you love and love what you do. Cultivate genuine passion for your work by being a constant learner and seeking out new approaches.
  • Ownership – Your work belongs to you: do what it takes to get the job done. Follow up on the details so that your work is a great representation of you.
  • “Sticktuitiveness” – Maintain a positive attitude even after a failure. The greatest leaders and inventors have a mountain of failures in their past. Had Henry Ford quit after his first auto-making venture fell apart, life as we know it would be entirely different. There would never have been a Built Ford Tough commercial on the air. Not one.
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