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Letter From Our Director

I’ve loved technology since the beginning of time, or at least since my time on this planet began. I remember being on the Internet when it was command line and text only. Back then, the internet was something that nobody really even knew about. Nobody even had a cell phone.

As a kid, I was always curious how technologies worked, how they could be applied and what the future of technology would look like. I was 9 years old when I swapped my first processor and built my own computer. I had my first full time technology job at 16 for an IBM business partner.

At the University of Central Florida, I pursued my passion for computer science and digital media. After graduation I set out in a completely different direction working with and for the Fortune 500 for the next several years.

I was first introduced to the staffing and recruiting world in 2006 and immediately knew that I had found my calling. It was the perfect blend of all of things I had come to appreciate in business: a fast paced environment, high levels of client interaction and most importantly, technology-centric subject matter.

I’ve witnessed business transactions where the client wins and the customer loses, but in staffing and recruiting, we create true win-win-win partnerships where the client wins when they find that much needed fit for their technology team and the candidate wins when they land a better, higher paying job. This line of work is incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

After learning from two of the best staffing firms in the country, I was sure I could build a better staffing company. I was determined to build a company where people were passionate about technology, not just making money. A company where people actually enjoyed working as a team and genuinely wanted to help their counterparts. A company where continual learning and education was not only valued as a core principle, but was an everyday practice. A company where you could be yourself while you work. A company that paid the largest share in the industry. A company that rewards merit, not seniority. A company that accepts nothing but excellence. A company that continually pushes the envelope in every category. An industry leader, a fierce competitor and a company truly supports the balance between a world-class technology staffing service and an incredible employee experience. And I believe that is what we have done.

As you peruse the pages of this site, you’ll find this imprint everywhere you look: passion for technology, people and successful connections. Any questions? Please contact me directly. I look forward to knowing you.

Warmest Regards,
Ken Brown

Kenneth Brown
Managing Director
Tekk Fusion

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