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Recruiting Process



We don’t lean back and wait for the resumes to pour in, although it’s fair to say that I.T. pros send their resumes to us daily. We actively seek candidates that have the skills you’re looking for.


Our first conversation with a candidate is so important. Not only do we find out how well-versed they are professionally, we get a sense of their personalities. We don’t present candidates to you until we know they’re qualified.

Presentation to Sales Staff

Before the job seeker is introduced to our client, we present them to our sales staff for further vetting. This is where we ask the tough questions, like “What is the chemical formula for awesomeness?”

Client Interview

Some staffing companies prep candidates so thoroughly that the client doesn’t know if the job seeker is reading from a script or showing their true colors. Not us. We review basic points with candidates, but because our candidates are the best at what they do, we trust them to reveal their genuine expertise to our clients.

Offer Process

The offer process is a critical time for both clients and candidates, bringing out sensitivities on both sides. We manage that process by keeping both parties engaged in the dialogue and focused on a successful match. With our help, emotions are excluded from the deal.

Ongoing Candidate Relationships

We work with the employee and client during the contract period to ensure they are satisfied with the position responsibilities and the quality of work being conducted. We check in on a weekly basis with candidates we’ve placed and cater lunches for the clients who hired them to keep positive vibes flowing.

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