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About Us: Recruiting With TekkFusion


It’s not enough to fill positions. Our founding team–having more than 14 years of technical recruiting and staffing experience, much of which we gained recruiting in and for the Fortune 500–established Tekk Fusion in 2009 with the idea that people matter most. We believe that relationships make or break each company we work with. We look for the right fit, not just the right resume.

Our niche is the Information Technology industry, a booming field where talented and knowledgeable candidates are in high demand. Recruiters at Tekk Fusion are fluent in the language and demands of the I.T. industry, as many of them have backgrounds as developers, programmers, analysts and  information architects. This allows us to ask the right questions of both employers and candidates,

Our mission is twofold: to more consistently deliver a higher quality candidate to our clients and to hone a more clearly defined and targeted recruiting approach to benefit employers.

Reports have shown that companies are having trouble filling their I.T.-oriented positions because “There is a shortage where demand severely outstrips supply.”

That’s where we come in. We build relationships with technical candidates over the long term, keeping ties with them throughout their careers and helping connect with opportunities where they’ll grow and contribute the most in their jobs. This relationship-driven approach means we have access to the best talent in the field.

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